Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rita Ora :)

If you read my last post you will see I was going to see Rita Ora this week in Glasgow, we had the BEST time ever and would pay to do it all over again and again! We travelled by car and train which sounds like a night mare but was pretty chilled out and felt like we arrived in no time, with a few drinks and laughs on the train we soon arrived in Glasgow, living in a small town the bright lights of Glasgow seemed like a totally different world.         

As soon as we stepped off the train the first stop was M.a.c , and treated ourselves to a bit of a make over, my make over turned out to be quite traumatic & has put me off people doing my make up again after the 'lady' was very rough and rude not talking throughout my slot, making me apply my own products and even making me bleed! But we won't go into that!

We then checked into our lovely hotel and started to get ready, we had bought standing tickets for the show for an outstanding £17.50 so decided to go for some tea before going to the 02 Academy, & skip the first act.  

We soon arrived at the academy and I extepected a really big arena, something like the m.e.n Manchester but I was surprised to walk into what seemed to be like a hall with a stage! In perfect view of the stage we started to get really excited! & then there she was, smiling and singing loving life! She was out of this world, dancing around the stage with a mix of her own songs and covers, going into detail about who inspires her to sing and even sang her first ever cover song that was put on youtube. She pulled someone from the audience to join her on stage & got emotional and teary at the end explaining how last year she was touring with Dj Fresh and now has her own sell out tour, with her own fans and how thankful she was.

when we had researched Glasgows nightlife before travelling we noticed an after party was being held and with entry of £5 and the possiblity of maybe being able to see Rita Ora at this party it seemed like a bargin, a few tweets later a boy that Pr'd for this club 'SugarCube' got in touch passing over his number for us to ring when we arrived and he would be there with our tickets off the train, as paying on the door was £10 with deffinate que's. To cut a long story short this boy had put us on a VIP guest list still for £5 and we partied with Rita Ora and her dancers all night long, being in touching distance all night and her even coming over to shake hands with Amelia and saying thank you to us all.

shes a total babe & even when she was performing and talking to everyone she seemed really down to earth & 'Normal' shes an absolute beauty in the flesh too!
Loadsa Love
R x
Amelia, Myself & Jade ready to go