Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hello Blogging World

So this is all very new for me & is actually a bit scary, I've been following blogs for a while now & find myself looking for reviews before buying make up & hair care products myself. I have a huge range of make up & hair 'things', in fact two whole draws are set aside in my tiny bedroom just for my obsessions ( I can tell I'm going to be a rambler already) so with persuasion from a few of my beautiful best friends I've decided to give blogging a 'whirl' for a while to see how it goes! And this also gives me the perfect excuse for more girly and pampering shopping sprees... Perfect? 

2013 has given me a new look on how to approach things & as a New Years resolution, I've told myself to do what I want and think second, third, forth about what other people think, living in a small town, people talk and judge others far too easily, from the shoes you wear to the make up & hair looks you go for & even the music you listen too, I crave a city lifestyle, but leaving my family,friends and the sites of the Lake District tell me otherwise! (Big baby?).
This is my way of rambling on about my love for different things, sharing my best buys and not so great buys of the month, throwing in some laid back lazy posts of how the working week has gone too! 
Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I'm not a great wiz when it comes to these kinds of things! 

Loadsa Love
      R.  x 

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