Monday, 21 January 2013

Never too old for fun in the snow :)

After a day of watching the snow fall & instantly disappear from my classroom window with my wonderful little squirrels (I work in a nursery & don't have pet squirrels to play with just incase you were all confused by my one liner) 
We were very pleased the pretty white stuff started to settle near home time, after a very scary 40 minute drive home.... Which would usually be done in 15 minutes, I had a very excited text off one of my beautiful best friends Amelia, with "Hurry home I want to play out xxx" . Now I'm not a big lover of snow as it usually is slush and grey horrible mush by the time I step outside in it, but this made me all giddy and excited!
I got my wellies out, doubled up on leggings and several pairs of socks on & had a walk up to the top end of my little town "Dalton" to Amelia's house, on the way I had to dodge several snow balls and propped myself up on a number of walls after slipping (all part of the fun right?) but I enjoyed my 10 minute little stroll, I was greeted with a big excited smile and a little red sledge.

She's such a cutie!! 
After our little photo opportunity trying to make layers look attractive (nothing works for this), we set off on our mini adventure to a very very big mountain  hill,  taking it in turns to pull each other along the roads,

After being big babies for a while we finally raced down the hill one at a time, was so much fun. The better times were going down together, we went so fast and had such a laugh! Being big kids at heart has its perks, and having a group of best friends who are on the same wave length is a bonus too!! Have you had fun in the snow near you?
Loadsa love
R x


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