Sunday, 20 January 2013

Jessica GELeration Nails

Going to run out of room soon!
Over the past couple of years I seem to have collected what could be seen as a very unhealthy amount of nail polish's, (so my mam tells me), every time I go into town, I seem to come home with a new bottle, it's got to the point where my friends rely on my collection rather than buy their own, which I am more than happy for them to do, I can't go a weekend without a new nice colour on my nails, working a 5 day week with the rule of "no nail polish or false nails" isn't fair on any girl.... Is it? Ha
I've tried my hand at acrylic nails & have done a number of my friends nails for practice, I've only watched YouTube videos to teach myself how to try and be a dab hand at nails but its become an obsession I enjoy. Getting more to the point....For my mans birthday I thought I'd treat her to a set of Jessica GELeration nails from a local beauty salon, after she'd come back she was really impressed with the process and look of her new Jessica nails. For anyone who isn't sure what these nails are they are basically a gel overlay onto the natural nail to help weak, bitten or problem/broken nails the chance to grow, this gel overlay can be a colour of your choice from a wide range & can last up to a long lasting three weeks with not so much as a chip or dint, as your nail grows your colour grows with it, so it's either get them removed or pay to have them redone, In the local salon they were offering this treatment at £25 a time which, to me sounds quite a hefty price for a part time worker like myself Haha, even though these nails lasted my mum almost 3 and a half weeks before needing filling, £25 a month seems a bit excessive?. I then had these treatment done by my Auntie with a clear coat gel with a similar process called "Red Carpet Nails" these we're again a gel overlay and were to stay on chip free for weeks, I was disappointed as by day 4 of having my new red carpet nails, two of my nails snapped!, my nails are extremely weak after a set of acrylics being bitten off ready to go back to work over the Christmas period (Yes I know very naughty to bite them off). My mam was desperate to have her jessica nails back on and researched online how much an essentials kit would be to buy! We were both shocked to find a brand new unopened kit on eBay for just £68, this may seem a lot to some people but for the amount of 3 weeks nails you would get from this sounded pretty good to us, so we made the decision and went halves!
The kit arrived last week & we had our own girly pampering weekend with super nice shiny nails!
Almost everything we needed was supplied in this cute little professional looking box with a set of easy to follow laminated instructions! The uv light isn't supplied with Jessica nails so we borrowed the light off my Auntie (Thank you Auntie J if your reading :)) 

As you can see my nails before we're pretty awful after my "do" with acrylics but afterwards the difference is definitely there, even though this was a first attempt I don't think it's too bad and look forward to experimenting with different colours. I understand this post is extremely long and I have rambled on a lot! Haha sorry about that!! I love this blogging "thing" already!!

Loadsa Love
 R x

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