Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lancôme Hypnose Mascara

I've never really had an "expensive" taste when it comes to make up, partly because I can't afford it, but always liked the idea of chucking out all of my old "tatty" make up & upgrading. I've always gone for any mascara, usually the prettiest looking at the more affordable price. After all anything pretty is easier on the eye, one or two of my friends have spoken about Lancôme mascara & say how they love it.
After Christmas brought me a few debenhams vouchers I thought I'd make the most of the money and try some new make up, originally going over to the Clinique counter, but after getting bored of waiting for one of the lady's for some help I decided to have a walk around, spotting an offer on Lancôme.
The stand full of different mascara & brushes caught my eye and I spotted a box near by with a sticker of £30 on! TWO Lancôme mascaras for £30. Usually these stand by the price of around about £21 each, I though this was the perfect chance to try what my friends thought was a make up essential. There were two boxes available, Hypnose Star & Hypnose Drama, 
As I was shopping with Amelia (my little side kick) we decided to get one of each of the boxes
and have one of each, one star and one drama each! 
At first I do have to admit I wasn't blown away by either of these mascaras once I had them on and even tried to double it up, I love the look of big bright eyes and at first I was a little disappointed, BUT after a couple of weeks now of using them daily I have fallen in love & could maybe only be using these in the future. 
I love the look of Star, how the tube (is that the right word?) fits perfectly in your hand comfortably, it's light weight & isn't too in your face, it's little sparkle glitter at the bottom is so girly, pretty & sophisticated? The brush on Star goes from fat and chunky to think at the top & is to create "Show stopping eyes" 

Hypnose Star
Intense Volume, Curled Lashes.
The Star eye-look by Lancôme. Create show-stopping eyes with our mascara and dual-sided brush leaves lashes looking volumised and curled. A “Black Diamond” shade dresses lashes in a deep and glamorous intensity. 

This above is before adding the mascara to my eye, and is looking pretty dull and lifeless & like ive got no lashes at all, ive always been one of these "if you could only take one bit of make up on a desert island what would it be?" a foundation kind of  "gal" but after my Lancome experience, could be more of a mascara kind of girl, and this under neath is after, looking more alive and wide eyed, my lashes dont feel heavy or pull through the brush when being applied and is a nice natural looking mascara. I would 100% recommend treating yourself girls.     
           Hypnose Star Link Here
Drama was my other purchase of the day, in the two for £30 deal, & i love this one even more than star, and find myself reaching for this one more, this one is once again well presented with a comfortable tube to hold and its plain black look shows sophistication and class, the brush on this one is thicker from start to tip with a curve in the middle for "full and thicker looking lashes"
Hypnose Drama
Our curvaceous oversized brush gives full lash contact for dramatically full and thicker looking lashes…exponential volume in a single stroke.
You won’t believe your eyes

(All photos are taken on my iphone so appologies if they arnt so clear)
   This is before adding mascara, my eye is once again looking bare and unloved & needs some of my desert island loving. Underneath you can see a massive difference, this picture was only taken a few minutes ago hence my little tierd eyes as i forgot earlier, one thing with these mascaras which im sure all you girls love doing is feeling your eyelashing big, bold and almost touching your brows, or is that just me? im overall in love with  my new purchases and give a massive thumbs up to Hypnose Drama which is my favourite from the two, i feel it gives a more dramatic and thicker fuller look which is what i personally like more. Again my lashes dont feel heavy when wearing this product which sometimes eyemake up can do. On the very bottem picture you can see a difference.... i used a differnt one on each eye haha,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week at work, im going to see Rita Ora in Glasgow this week with a after party included (wooo) with two of my beautiful girls Jade & Amelia & will be doing a post at the end of next week about any buys i have and the concert!
Loadsa Love
R x

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